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Home Carpet
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Visit our carpet showroom in Lees Summit - we have styles galore for everyone's  budget! 

Why choose carpet?   It is the most affordable and most versatile floor covering for your home!  Carpet will make any room warm and cozy.  It will make the floor a comfortable place to sit, play or relax.  Carpet can enhance a room with casual simplicity, or create a showcase for formal elegance. The styles, textures and color selections are so vast, you can find carpet to complement any decor. 

*Why choose Complete Floorcovering for your carpet?  We will take the time to help you make an informed decision on your carpet so you will be happy with your choice for years to come! We use 8#pad as our standard pad for added value.  We have the best  installers around so we guarantee your satisfaction with our installations.   We are certain you will be very pleased with your experience when you purchase your carpet from us! Top quality carpet, pad and guaranteed installation - that is a great value!!!

How do you choose your carpet?  Be an informed consumer!

Carpet pad plays an essential role in carpet performance .   The purpose of a pad is for the stability and support of your carpet while adding warmth and a comfort barrier between the subfloor and the carpet.   At Complete Floorcovering, we provide our customers with 8# pad - a free pad upgrade to compliment the first quality carpet and superior installation you will get from us.

Twist level.  The tighter the individual yarns in the carpet are twisted, the better a carpet will perform.  Although the ounce weight is a relevant factor, it tells you little  about how a carpet will actually perform. The ounce weight simply tells you the weight on the face of the carpet per square yard and plays a role in the "comfort".  The twist level of the carpet is crucial in determining performance.  It can be deceiving to assume that the more ounce weight a carpet has, the better it will wear.   

Length and density of the yarns play an effective roll in the texture and comfort of your carpet.  Longer yarn lengths and looser yarn density result in a high texture carpet.  Which would mean, of course, that shorter yarn length and higher yarn density result in less texture in a carpet. 
Size and color of the carpet yarns also affect the overall look of your carpet.  Anytime you can mix textures or colors in your carpet you will make your carpet more "traffic friendly" by hiding the appearance of foot traffic or soiling. 
Yarn construction is important as well.  The basic types of yarn familes are nylon and polyester.  There are many different divisions within nylons and polyesters and each one has its benefit.  Notoriously, polyesters and their counterparts (polypropylene and olefin) have been known for their stain resistence and easy clean up.  Nylon fibers are noted for their durability, resilience and longevity.
With the "Green Movement", customers have become more conscious of using recycled and recyclable products.  This concept has been introduced to the carpet industry as well.  Shaw's new N6 fibers are made from recycled goods and are 100% recyclable.  Which means it can go from carpet fiber to carpet fiber again and again.......while creating less waste in the landfills.   A significant amount of the new polyester (PET) carpets are made from recycled plastics.

R2X is a stain protection exclusive to Shaw carpets.  Click here to see why Shaw carpet with R2X stain protection has set itself apart from ALL of the competition!

Anso  is exclusive to Shaw Industries.  This nylon fiber is the most durable and the softess nylon yarn system Shaw has.  Because of that, it carries a lifetime stain and soil warranty as well as a 20 year, transferable, performance warranty!  It is the best carpet warranty in the industry!  Available in a wide price range, you can get peice of mind on any budget!

Caress  nylon fiber also boasts a lifetime stain and soil warranty as well as a strong, lustrous fiber. The softness of Caress fiber is simply luxury!

ClearTouch polyester fiber carries a lifetime stain warranty, and fantastic soil & performance warranties and is wonderfully soft to the touch.

Stainmaster carpets are made from Nylon 6,6.  This is noted to be the most durable nylon fiber in the industry.  With Stainmaster's new enhanced warranties, it is a great fit to high traffic areas and feels great on your feet.

Brands we carry:
We carry styles from Shaw (Tuftex, Philadelphia & Caress), Dreamweaver Carpet, Camelot and Royalty Carpet Mills as well as a vinyl carpet collection. 

Tuftex collection is a west coast carpet mill.  Made in Los Angeles, California, this collection introduces the newest styles and textures in carpet.  An extensive, top quality collection encompasses the most unique looks in carpet today! 

Tuftex Area Rug Collection is a wonderfully unique collection of patterns and textures.  This collection is available in several shapes and sizes and ready for immediate shipment.  You can also choose from custom options such as borders, insets and binding options. The perfect accessory for any room!

 Anso Caress Collection gives you the unique look of wool patterns with the super softness of Caress nylon.  Features lifetime stain and soil warranties and the top durability warranties in the business.

Clear Touch collection from Philadelphia.  It is their "softess, cleanest and longest lasting" polyester carpet yet.  This collection boasts the R2X stain protection as well as Luxury Back.  This collection offers all of the perks you are looking for at fantastic price points.

Vinyl woven carpet collection is perfect for any heavy traffic area that is more prone to get dirty.  Use in your bar area, recreation areas or on your porch.  Vinyl woven carpet is very unique and has a warmer feel just like carpet but spills and dirt clean up is quick and easy! Come in and take a look!

JUST get what you pay for!  If you invest a little more in your carpet, you will increase the performance power of your purchase and own a carpet that looks newer - longer.