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Home Tile
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We can help you with your design work, or if you prefer, we can do it all for you! 

At Complete Floorcovering, we believe nothing enables you to express your individuality quite like tile! Tile can help you acheive any look you are after.  With infinite design possibilities and the seemingly endless decorative accents available, every project is as individual as the person we have designed it for.  From more simple looks to unique works of art, your new tile will not only look gorgeous, the installation will come with a warranty!  Not many people in this industry can offer you that piece of mind! 

If you are thinking about tile, you have to come into our showroom to see the advances in the industry!  Absolutely realistic looks with the depth and textures of natural stones or hardwoods but with no maintainence! It is the new porcelain tile lines!  So realistic, you cannot tell the difference!  From traditional tile colors to exotic looks of stones, slate, travertine and even realistic wood looks, we have samples you can check out and take home.    

One misnomer with ceramic tile is if you have a smaller room, you should use smaller tile.  This is not true.  Remember that by using smaller tile you have more grout lines in your floor.  This tends to draw in the walls and accent the fact that the room is smaller.  By using bigger tile, you will have less lines breaking up the floor. This will create a more open and spacious look.
Another belief is that darker colors make a room look smaller.  Again, not true.  Darker colors can do a lot to "warm up" and anchor a room.  So don't be afraid to go darker, especially in larger rooms with higher ceilings.

First quality porcelain tiles  along with top quality grouts and setting materials  are undoubtedly the most durable and maintenance free flooring on the market today.

Don't skimp on setting material!! The worst thing you can do on a ceramic installation is use inferior products.  Quality mortars are essential when setting floor tile or larger body wall tile.  Another equally important factor is reinforcement of your subfloor.  A subfloor can have NO movement when installing ceramic tile on top of it.  You must secure your subfloor to remove any squeaks and we strongly recommened using 1/4" concrete board set in mortar and then installing your tile.  Quality tile, installed with quality setting materials, will last the life of your home.

The ultimate accessory to any ceramic floor is a warming system.  The biggest draw back most consumers have with ceramic tile is a "cold floor". The feeling of stepping onto a warm tile surface is amazing.  It completely changes the comfort level of the floor.  The heating systems are customizable and are available in either cable kits or pre-mounted mats.  The thermostats are programmable and in most cases, require no special wiring.  The heating systems run off of 110v or 220v and while using only 4.5amps and are very energy efficient.  Most customers find that they are able to lower the temperature in the house and still be very comfortable because the floor is warm.