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Home Hardwood

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are going to invest in hardwood flooring, you should invest in a quality humidifier first!  Wood reacts to humidity levels.  Low humidity levels in the winter can cause your hardwood flooring to dry and shrink causing expansion cracks or splitting of the grain.  Maintaining humidity levels in your home throughout the winter is essential.

Hardwood flooring comes in an array of species, quality and pricing levels - enough to match any budget.  With the broad range of wood species, textures and variations available, you can create or compliment any style in your home.
Are you thinking about a hardwood floor?  Consider the following...

These boards have already been sanded, stained and finished within a controlled factory environment to achieve the best possible result and yield a furniture-like finish.  The factory applied finish includes an aluminum oxide component that provides extra protection from scratching and general wear.  A prefinished solid hardwood installs quickly and the area is ready to be used the same day of installation.  The benefits of a prefinsh hardwood would be a cleaner, more durable finish and convenience of having the floor installed much faster.
Where and how to install: *Should NOT be installed below grade or over concrete*  Must be nailed down to a wood subfloor at or above grade.  Not recommended for full baths or other areas where excessive moisture would occur.

Engineered hardwood flooring is 100% wood; constructed from 3-12 plies of solid wood with each layer placed cross-grain to the next and permanently bonded together with resins.  This cross-grained construction counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity and yields a product more structurly stable than a solid piece of wood.  The greater the number of plies, the greater the stability of the floor.  The finish is applied and heat set in a controlled environment to yeild a cleaner, stronger finish that cannot be acheived with an on site finish.  A prefinished engineered hardwood installs quickly with less mess and inconvenience then an unfinished product.  Your floor will be ready for normal activity the same day the prefinish flooring is installed.
Where and how to install: *Can be installed on any level of the house - including below grade*
Engineered products can be nailed down, glued-down, stapled down or "floated" over most subfloors without the use of nails or adhesives.

This type of hardwood comes in the form of rough, unvarnished planks.  Each board is milled from a single piece of wood into planks 3/4 of an inch thick and random lengths.  A variety of widths are available.  Sanding and finishing the floor must be done on site and should be performed by a skilled professional to achieve the best results.  The installation and finishing process can take anywhere from 3 days to a full week. 
Installing unfinished hardwood has two benefits.  The first is price.  A sand and finish hardwood floor is less expensive then prefinished wood.  The second advantage is the ability to custom color your floor.
Where and how to install: *Should NOT be installed below grade or over concrete*
Must be nailed down to appropriate subfloor at or above grade.  Not recommended for full baths or other areas where excessive moisture would occur.

Do you already have hardwood flooring but it needs a face lift?  We can refinish your hardwood flooring and give your floor new life. There are more durable finishes availlable now then the standard urethane.  Stronger finishes are an upgraded charge, but in high traffic homes it is well worth the investment. 
You can change that high gloss finish on your existing floor to a lower maintenance, lower luster satin finish.  Most finishes are available in high gloss, satin (the most popular today), or matte finishes.

MAINTAIN YOUR HARDWOOD FLOOR by using proper cleaners.  Avoid 'oil soaps', vinegar and water or cleaning products with waxes or oils.  These products can dull or damage your finish.  DO NOT use steam mops on hardwood flooring no matter what the steam mop commercial says you can do!  Forcing steam into a hardwood floor can have many detrimental affects.  Repeated use can cause the hardwood finish to become cloudy and peel.  It may even cause structural damage to the hardwood floor.